Table Arrangements

3-balloon Table Bouquet
A bouquet of 3 x beautiful 11-inch balloons helium inflated, on coordinating ribbons and a beautiful table weight. £9.
5-balloon Bouquet
A larger bouquet suitable for a table or from the floor.  The top balloon is a 16-inch clear double bubble containing an 11-inch balloon together with 4 x 11-inch balloons. All helium inflated on coordinating ribbons and a choice of table weights. From £12
Printed Balloon Bouquet
Printed latex and foil balloons are available for that special occasion e.g. milestone age birthdays and engagements etc Prices from £10
Foils, Bubbles and Orbs

These timeless classics are elegant and long lasting. The clear bubbles can be filled with smaller balloons or confetti for that extra special touch. Prices start at £20

Balloon Arches

A String of Pearls

ONe of our most popular arches, these consiste of a single line of helium balloons to form an elegant arch on decorative end weights. Often used behind a wedding top table or buffet table. Typical prices are around £45.

Packed Spiral Arch

A truly impressive range of arches typically using upwards of 150 balloons. The preferred method these days is to build them on a frame which makes them stable and long lasting. Great for larger spaces where you need to make a statement.  these are not limited to a spiral pattern as there are a range of designs